VNTUR Booty Band - Camouflage

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The VNTUR Bands are a staple item for any leg day. Add this to your workout for increased difficulty. It can be added to exercises such as hip thrusts, glute bridges, donkey kicks, side steps, and many more. The band helps to keep tension on outter glutes and quads. A.K.A. the OG Booty Band of VNTUR

Sizing Details:

  • MEDIUM: Heavy Resistance ~70-80lbs resistance. (14.5")
Product Details:
  • Ideal for Glute development/activation.
  • Non-slip Grip; Perfect for movement without hassle.
  • Custom printed VNUTR logo on Camo Print
  • ALL Bands INCLUDE: VNTUR Mesh Pouch
    Sizing Guide & Care

    Size Chart

    Care Instructions: Wash in cold water with mild detergent. For best results air dry the item. Otherwise, low heat tumble dry.

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