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About Our Brand

VNTUR Apparel was founded in 2018 by Matthew Owens with a simple idea to sell T-shirts with a doughnut design on it. The company is owned and operated on the leeward side of Oahu, Hawaii. The company is a strong team of 2 (Kiana and Matthew) who handle everything from product design and development to fulfillment, customer service, and marketing. VNTUR Apparel is not their full-time job but they hope to grow the business into an empire where they can create jobs for their own community one day.

Our goal as a brand is to not only provide high-quality unique designs with an amazing fit but also do our very best to keep everything affordable. We offer items from a lower to medium price range so that there is an option for everyone. Each design sold has gone through a full vetting process to ensure we only provide you, the customer with the best. See about our products to learn more. 

When making a purchase with our store, you are not just buying a product yet an experience. We aim to provide the best customer experience, from an easy-to-navigate website, to speedy fulfillment times, and excellent customer service.

We take pride in our brand and everything we come out with. We hope you can see how thankful we are for you as a customer and want to continue to serve you with the best! 

About Our Products

Design Process ⚛

When designing, we keep style, longevity, comfortability, and inclusivity in mind. We know a piece of clothing can't change everything but we want you to feel confident and empowered when you put one of our pieces on. Every one of our products is put through an extensive sampling process before we go to production with the design. Product designs are in the development stage for 6-30 months before we finally approve the design. We assess every detail from fabric composition, seam placements, logos, and fit. As these are activewear pieces, we put them through multiple workouts. We check for functionality of movement if they hold up against equipment and wash cycles. We would never sell a piece we were not fully comfortable and confident in.

Quality Assurance ✓

Each and every product is inspected by the owners multiple times before it is sent out in order. We hand package the items to ensure this quality. We check for even the slightest extra thread on each garment as first impressions mean everything. We want you to open up your items and be completely satisfied with your purchase.

Going Green ♼

By providing a quality product, we expect our garments to last longer, preventing waste. All orders are shipped using 100% carbon-neutral shipping. We do not include packing slips as they can be found in your order confirmation. We have recently started including hang-tags on our tops which are completely recyclable. Our product packages are of quality so they can be reused in multiple ways such as travel pouches for toiletry items. Branding is important to us. However the amount of waste we create as a brand is crucial in setting an example.