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Why Should I become an Ambassador?

The VNTUR Ambassador program was started to give back to our customers who truly love & support our company. We only select 15-20 affiliates per year; We don't just take on anyone and everyone. 

VNTUR is a community of nothing but positivity. We want to share that with those who may not even know we exist; And that starts with you. As our goal, we want to offer each and every customer the best quality everyday wear and gym wear without the big price tag. Nice, comfortable, high-quality clothing should not cost you more than a dinner for two. This program includes:

  • A discount code is given to affiliates for personal purchases. 
  • A personalized 10% off code to share with everyone else.
  • Commission: 10% of all sales are returned as store credit
  • Early Product access/Pre-orders
  • Close communication with the owners


Who can become an Ambassador?

Anyone! Becoming an affiliate is in no way based on the amount of following you have on social media platforms. We want to be inclusive to all.
We pick influencers based on a few things listed below.

Activity: We look at how active you are in the community surrounding you. Whether it be you have 1,000 followers or 10K followers we want brand ambassadors who strive to make a difference in their communities, actively post and share with others and most importantly can carry out the VNTUR mission with poise. We do not have a follower requirement but prefer those with at least 2,000+ followers. We are trying to market our company as best we can to a wider audience.

Order History: As a small brand we want to support those who support us. How can one endorse products they've never bought? No, we don't expect you like every item we choose to sell. But, we want our affiliate team to be full of positive people who genuinely like what we sell and have bought it for themselves (minus the discount).

Engagement: When posting, are people interested in what you are presenting? Do you comment, like, share others? Do others share, like, and comment on your posts. We look at the ratio of followers to likes/comments. Having 25K followers doesn't always mean everyones looking. 

Character: Does the person your followers perceive you to be align with our brand? We want to work with those who have similar values, goals and ethics to ours. 

How do I become an athlete?

Athletes are those who started as an affiliate. Through showing great commitment to the program in promotion, sales and all aspects, we then ask you to become an athlete. Athletes receive additional perks on top of affiliate perks. In special cases, such as large influencers, an individual can be taken on directly as an athlete. 

What are the requirements if chosen?

We only require ambassadors to list @vnturapparel in their Instagram bio. The ambassadors Instagram must remain public. In order to keep an ambassador status a sales target of $500 USD is required. 

You may be asked and encouraged to take photos & make videos in all of your products. The more you post, the more your code gets used!


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